Advanced Baggage Handling System

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The idea for this advanced baggage handling system  was inspired by frequent travel made by the author.

Travelling with heavy baggage is a hectic experience. Most of the people who use air travel may know how difficult it is to bring all the baggage to check in at the airport and for families, it would be another level of disastrous experience to handle all the baggages throughout their journey.

How good it would be if you can check in all your baggage at home and travel to the airport with just your hand luggage or even without hand luggage. That is what I call an advanced baggage handling system.

If the passenger can be given an option while booking the air ticket for advanced baggage check in (for a nominal price), then the service provider can reach the customer and get their baggages checked in within 12-24 hours before they fly. The baggage will be taken to the airport directly by the service provider. This service can be operated with coordination of the airlines, airport authority and the advanced baggage handling system service provider.

There are numerous advantages of using the advanced baggage check-in system.
1. Most of the people use their own vehicle, mostly to carry their baggages to the airport. If they can check in their baggage at their home, they may prefer to use public transport as it could be easier, more convenient and cheaper.
2. Less vehicles to the airport, less parking congestion at the airport means more energy saved and less pollution to the environment.
3. Advanced baggage handling system requires a new fleet of service industry, which means more jobs and opportunities.
4. The advanced check in provides sufficient time for the airport authorities to ensure the security of the travellers by having sufficient time to scan the baggage.
5. Finally, the utmost comfort to the passengers as they will travel to the airport without any pressure as their baggage is already checked in and they can go through the security clearance and reach the boarding gate.

Having said all the advantages of the advanced baggage handling system, I propose this idea as one which will make the world cleaner and more comfortable for its citizens.

Compared to the current hectic airport system, this new technology can help to make it less congested, more efficient and greener.


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