Dual Power Tower

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Uses two types of energy: solar and wind.

Dual power tower consists of three types of sections:
1) Solar
2) Vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT)
3) Wind catching section.

Solar section consists of two glass tubes, one inside the other. There is a rotating mirror - parabolic reflector between tubes. Rotating photovoltaic element is in the middle of the solar section. The photovoltaic element and mirror are mounted together (not showed in picture) and rotate simultaneously. The mirror directs sunlight into the center where the photovoltaic element generates electricity. In addition sunlight heats weather around the photovoltaic element and creates vertical convection. Convection rotates blades of VAWT. VAWT generates additional electricity. Wind catching section consists of a few rotating blades. Wind side blades are positioned parallel to wind direction. Other blades blocks wind. All blades together create a higher pressure area which is additional force for VAWT.

Such construction saves space on the ground. Minimum photovoltaic elements needed. Simple servicing due to possibility to mount VAWT generator and other electronic equipment on the ground level inside wind catching section.

Solar section can be implemented in another way:
Rotating internal tube with one side covered with a reflective coating. Shadow side of tower can be used for increasing stability (picture 2).


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