Lightning-Laser Magnetically-Pinched Nuclear-Fusion Power Generator

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The lightning-laser magnetically-pinched nuclear-fusion power generator emits an air ionizing laser beam such as an ultraviolet laser beam towards the sky. This air ionizing beam produces an ionized conductive column(s) of air which conducts an artificial lightning, high voltage, high alternating frequency electrical current produced by a first tesla coil into the sky, clouds, and ionosphere via single, dual beam(s), or 3 phase conductive channel(s). This ionized electrically conductive lightning laser beam is swept by a nonconductive reflecting means (motorized or electro-optically modulated) through the sky atlocations where there's lots of lightning such as Lightning Alley in Florida or in the Congo. Natural lightning is attracted to and will strike the electrically conductive lightning laser beam plasma column(s). A naturally occurring lightning bolt of approximately 30kA to 300kA will follow the conductive lightning laser beam straight to its origin, with decreased resistance, somewhat as conducted through a lightning rod or wire capturing the lightning strike. This powerful natural lightning bolt will be diverted to the resonant circuits of a second tesla coil, a cryogenically cooled superconductive reversed-tesla-coil with very fat guage high current windings, which greatly steps down the lightning strike voltage and simultaneously greatly steps up the current amperage.

Current transformation by the reverse tesla coil is proportional to the square root of the ratio(s) of their tertiary, secondary, and primary coil inductances of their resonant circuits and the ratio(s) of their big capacitances. The transformed very high amperage current will then be conducted to additional cryogenically cooled superconductive-wire strong-magnetic-field coils carrying greater than 80 MA. These coils magnetically radially symetrically compress by "pinching" laser preheated deuterium-tritium gas fuel thereby igniting a cryogenically frozen fuel liner, layer, or coating all contained in a conductive cylindrical metal housing, bead, pellet, or other casing. The whole fusion reaction is simultaneously magnetically axially confined and safely bottled by additional adjacent superconductive coils above and below creating a vertical magnetic field bottle or curtain. This pinching compression implosion process is typically called magnetized inertial fusion (MIF) where nuclei of light atoms are fused by magnetic compression shock waves to make heavier atoms, The deuterium-tritium fuel will fuse generating heat. The mass defect, or loss of mass of the final fused material Helium isotopes will be liberated as energy according to the equation E=MC2.

The process would be repeated by injecting and compressing each next fuel pellet. The fusion generated heat heats a circulating lithium heat exchanger and/or a circulating water/steam circuitous piped path driving a steam turbine electric generator with steam. The generator produces electricity which can power the electrical grid, our homes, and industry.

The air ionizing laser could be a Nitrogen, Argon, Xenon, Eximer, Air, Alexandrite, CO2, or other gas laser, metal vapor laser, laser diode, crystal laser, chemical, glass, free-electon, solar, x-ray, or gamma ray laser, or harmonically frequency-multiplied laser. Microwaves, X-rays, gamma rays, UV and other light sources also ionize.


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