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One of the biggest Gas Industry in Abu Dhabi is conducting a pilot test of gas recovery and injection in the United Arb Emirates. The $90.7 million project must be completed within 34 months. A major challenge was the provision of a roadmap for implementation of MODULARIZATION of the construction process in synchronization with other project activities. To achieve this, various design tools were used for CAD & CAE so as to expedite various activities in a synchronized manner and interoperability between various design tools made it a lot easier to achieve the task in hand within the strict schedule and saving 2.25 times the cost of designing with another method.

As the project is an expansion of an already running plant, the new layout had to limit itself strictly within the battery limits provided and zero interference had to be assured. During the project various calculation tools were used for loads on critical lines as the process included compression of gas at high temperature and pressure as well as for checking of the structural feasibility as many of the new lines were running on the existing structures.The interoperability between different design tools enabled multidisciplinary teams to share their data by using electronic information exchange, thereby reducing a lot of time. Otherwise incompatible electronic data could have posed a lot of problems by increasing the lead time of every individual activity involved with the project.

Measurable bullet points
1. By carrying out the activities on CAD and CAE tools, the man-hour cost involved with the 3D modeling reduced 2.25 times compared to what it would have been on some other platform.

2. Because of interoperability and reduced review time we were able to save 15 man days.

3. By using modularization approach in construction we would be able to reduce our overall project execution schedule of 34 months by approximately 2-3 months (provided if we win the bid).

Community Impact
By increasing employement for the local people as well as by considering safety while the commissioning of the plant.

As the project is still in the conceptual phase, handover into operations will come at a later stage. As far as safety is concerned, all the safety measures have been taken as it is an expansion project with an already running plant & as the new process includes compression of gas at high pressure & temperature which is crucial. Apart from that the local standards for construction and transportation safety have been considered.

Impact on Plant Lifecycle
As we are considering a modular construction approach, i.e. there will be pre assembled and vendor assembled modules so carrying out a revamped project in the future would be an easy task.


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