Solar Powered Clean Water Supply

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Build a 100 foot tall tower near the ocean, far enough back to minimize the visual impact, or, build the tower near an existing local water supply viaduct. Build an aqueduct ramp with a 1" in 50 ft slope 20 miles long going away from the ocean into the desert, Cover the aqueduct sluice with a domed clear cover in sections the entire length and slightly wider than the sluice. Arrange collector half-pipes under both long sides of the dome.

Pump water from the ocean directly to the top of the tower, into the aqueduct sluice, then let gravity and the sun take over. The clear top allows the natural sunlight to heat the water as it slowly travels down the sluice on it's long journey. The water evaporates out of the sluice and condenses into the dome, the now distilled water collects and runs down either side into the collector tubes built under the aqueduct which help keep the water cool. The distillate can be filtered for on-site use or brought back through existing supply lines to municipal tanks.

The tower and aqueduct can be built entirely out of recycled materials. The clear top can be plastic, but should be glass to provide purity and extend the usable life of the project. The pumps should be powered by solar energy and synchronized to turn on and off before sunrise / sunset. Collection of the salt residue can be subsidized by the food industry, and may provide a revenue stream to pay for maintenance of the system.

Alternative designs are a round spiral (approx. 150' diameter) or a series of alternating ramps behind a single wall of glass, facing south of course. Multiply the facilities out to give the desired capacity.


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