Compounding Electric Motor Generator

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The aim of my invention is to 1. Replace the internal combustion engine with electric motor propulsion systems. 2. Replace the current electrical power production system we now have in place, including the national grid network, with individual systems. 3. Replace the current way we use batteries for power. With the following Invention:

Electric Motor / Generator system, including three magnetic rotors, with synchronized rotation, either all the same direction or one rotor in the opposite direction, with rotor #2 being advanced slightly ahead of rotor #1 & #3 rotation. All three rotor centers are placed precisely and equally at the points of an equilateral triangle. Rotor support is from mechanical bearings or magnetic levitation. Three independent coils are placed precisely and equally at the opposite points of an equilateral triangle, resembling a “Star of David” configuration, with one independent coil(s) located in the exact center. A magnetic stator(s) winding(s) configuration completely wraps around the rotors, forming what looks like three interconnected circles, with proper spacing between rotors and stator(s) to allow for unobstructed rotation and maximum electrical potential. Rotor(s) rotation can be either mechanical or electrical. Electrical components form a complete aggregate, allowing for any and all alternating current (A/C) and direct current (D/C) wiring systems, voltages, amperages and wattages, or a combination of A/C and D/C, to fit any application or configuration. When invention is rotated mechanically, it will function as a generator, with multiple voltage outputs and combinations. When invention is rotated electrically, it will function as a motor or power supply, with multiple voltage outputs and combinations.

Wiring design characteristics will be adopted and or modified from current National Electrical Manufacturing Association (NEMA) Standards concerning electric motors and electric generators, with the following (but not limited to) as references; Series D/C Motor, Shunt D/C Motor, Compound D/C Motor, Gramme-ring Armature, Drum-wound Armature, Compensating Windings and Interpoles, Series A/C Motor, Synchronous A/C Motor, Split Phase, Shaded Pole, Induction A/C Motors, Squirrel Cage A/C Motor, Squirrel Cage Windings, Salient Pole Windings. Single, and Three Phase applications.

Here is just one example;
Using the invention mentioned above. It is possible to have one rotor and stator configured to accept incoming D/C voltage from an auto battery, to run or drive the machine. While the other two rotors and stators can be configured to output useable A/C voltage, to 1-recharge the auto battery, and 2- provide drive propulsion power.

In the science of producing electricity, the “Paradigm Shift” and “Logical Positivism” in the flow and control of electrons comes from experimentation.


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    Carey Dahlen
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    Electrician - Inventor
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    Compass Protractor Straightedge.
    Ac/Dc Digital Multi Meter.
    Clamp on Amprobe
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    Camping Fishing Problem Solving
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    I am inspired by and study the Great Scientist’s, Innovator’s and Inventor’s like:
    André-Marie Ampère, Charles-Augustin de Coulomb, Thomas Edison, Michael Faraday,
    Carl Friedrich Gauss, Oliver Heaviside, Joseph Henry, Heinrich Hertz, Hendrik Lorentz,
    James Clerk Maxwell, Nikola Tesla, Alessandro Volta, Wilhelm Eduard Weber, Hans Christian Ørsted.
    My favorite is Tesla. I see the need to build upon the work of these great men and take it to the next level. My Patented design is a more efficient electric motor / generator system to reduce the demands on our electrical distribution systems, electric vehicles and any apparatus that uses or creates electricity.
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