Related Electric Power Technology

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All technologies listed are based on high-frequency PWM power electronics, magnetics, and rotational dynamics; and are synergistic with each other. They include brushless regenerative DC motors, DC generators, DC kinetic battery, PV power maximizer electronics, motor-wheels for onboard solar-powered EV. Except for the EV, prototypes have been tested. Performance agrees with design analysis results.

Broad-speed-range DC generator shaft supports a wind turbine within a building-integral housing that increases and limits wind speed.

DC kinetic battery has integral regenerative motor; its rotor centered and levitated by concentric ring magnets, axially stabilized by electronics responsive to axial position and rate sensors. The electronics control 2 axial electromagnets, and need only a few watts at steady-state. Flywheel assembly is inside self-leveling vacuum enclosure.

EV includes 2 motor-wheels. Each is like first DC motor prototype, except motor-wheel has tubular shaft that does not rotate, and its outside rotor body is attached to rear wheel rim by springs, for very low unsprung mass EV that includes optional pedal-powered DC generator, onboard batteries, PV on all top and side exterior, and drive/brake controls on its steering wheel.


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    Dick Fradella
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    Multi-physics Finite-element-analysis
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    Electric power system design, analysis, prototype
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    Need for sustainable electric power PV/wind, generator, motor, flywheel UPS, and road vehicles, to solve global energy and environment problems.
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    Magnetic/stress/thermal FEA, Solidworks, SPICE
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