Free Sphere Rotor Peizo-Electric Energy Harvester

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This Energy Harvester is unique by exploiting the energy of angular momentum and gravity through the vortex created by water draining in a vessel and capturing this energy with peizo-electric materials, either in cantilever or radial form. This module can be stacked to produce greater storage capabilities or scaled up for greater output. Through the INTAKE you drop sphere (mass) or other drains if stacked. Once sphere nears drain it takes on a wobble-spin which can be tuned by angle of peizo-materials (green). From here the electricity is conditioned in electrical housing (red) then to outputs (yellow). A single high capacity direct attachment battery can be charged or a battery of banks through higher output socket. While most peizo-electric schemes involve leeching: mechanical vibrations which undertook electrical to start with, this scheme exploits natural forces.

Please take notice of VIDEO: you will see the manner in which to capture the energy. also notice the tub is only full 1/8, just imagine scaling up and/ or stacking.



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