Energy Integration from the Environment

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My idea is on the integration of energy which is being wasted in day-to-day activity. A small power which is enough to power an LED is more than enough for Energy Integration. Initially this is going to be a big task but when implemented there's a whole lot of energy available to you free of cost without much effort.

How can this be implemented? Have a rotary mechanism at your tap so that it can be connected to a simple dynamo and the power output may be charged and saved. The principle of inverse induction heating effect may be employed to produce power for your day to day cooking.

Piezo electric crystal array panel may be used on the floor to produce power when we walk inside the home.

Thermal conductive and optical conductive panel may be arrayed on the walls outside the home or the thermal & optical conductive paints may be used to paint the walls.

Such small power generating concepts may be used together to accumulate enough power for home need,  at least for the lighting facilities.


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