Multi-Powered Electric Tractor

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Product Idea: The said invention is a multi-powered battery operated electric tractor.

How it works: The electric tractor is driven by an electronically controlled traction motor, powered by on-board, high energy density traction batteries.

Why it is innovative: The said electric tractor is capable of accepting energy from multiple sources. a) on-board batteries b) Hybrid renewable energy sources - solar and wind. c) from an on-board mini internal combustion engine powered generator d) regular AC power outlet, through long cables wound on a drum, fixed to the vehicle. Handling multiple energy sources (requisite energy conversion AC--DC) is done through an electronic intelligent power handler device. The intelligent power handler manages the amount of energy flowing into and out of the system. It ensures that energy is always available for basic mobility. In energy starved scenarios, priority is given to mobility over farming operations.

The tractor has at its disposal a full range of speeds, as it is fitted to a manual transmission, with a multitude of forward and reverse gears. Multi-speed transmission helps in optimizing the size of the motor and also generates high torques required in harsh farming operations.

Apart from mobility the tractor can be used on farms by fixing implements, as it has fully functional hydraulics. The hydraulic pump is driven by an electric motor. Finally, it can also power external electric devices by using an on-board inverter. At their end of life, these deep cycle batteries can also be used to power household inverters.

Applications: a) Farming purposes b) Moving goods within factories c) Hauling luggage at airports d) Light earth moving operations

Advantages: a) Eco-friendly b) non-polluting c) less noisy d) High return on investment considering increasing fossil fuel prices. e) easy to manufacture

How it will be manufactured: A fully functional concept tractor was built using an under production tractor. All the electric-components used were standard production version components. Hence, the entire electric tractor is fully manufacture able in the same production line with very few modifications.

Marketed: Existing marketing outlets shall be used. Support needed in spreading the awareness about the need for and advantages of electric tractors.


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