Diesel Fuel Saver

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Due to the high fuel prices it is a necessity to help lower the fuel costs of businesses and consumers to help out on the bottom line, fuel costs. This can be done with "Diesel Fuel Saver." This device has been shown by third party labs to reduce fuel consumption by 6% to 15%. This amount will vary depending on the application and load on the engine.

The applications include most diesel engines. This device can be used on trucks, transit buses, cranes, tug boats, fishing trawlers, school buses, diesel powered cars, locomotives, heavy equipment, off-road equipment, etc.

How does the device work? The device passes diesel fuel through heat chambers and over a proprietary metal catalyst. The fuel is chemically changed to increase the chemical buring of the fuel in the combustion process. This results in greater oxygenation of the fuel, lowering the viscosity of the fuel which gives greater atomization of the fuel thus a superior rate of combustion over existing rates of combustion.

This is proven by lower exhaust temperatures, lower exhaust emissions including Nox, and greater fuel efficiency. Three Nationally recognized laboratories have verified the same results.

The amount of air pollution this device reduce is tremendous if you consider all the diesel engines running everyday in every state, in every country. This is a no brainer when you consider the end user saves money on fuel and reduces pollution at the same time.


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