Hex Wall

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The unique HEX Curtain is an innovative way to control the light and heat inside a building with an attractive covering that automatically responds to the exterior natural light and alters its shade appropriately. The curtain's kinetic approach moderates light and heat into the room and brings dynamic design into the interior by making a kinetic light show out of your window.

The banks of shades are composed of individual petals, each pivoting from the bottom of a hexagonal grid and attached to the adjacent one with a threaded connection.

Each horizontal row has its own actuator motor which, with the help of a photo sensor and programmable micro controller, opens up and rises with the sun. The effect is a room that responds to the sky, keeping occupants comfortable while reducing energy.

Like louver blinds the HEX Curtain can control the amount of daylight in the space, but it can also allow light only in a section of the window. This allows for privacy if needed at the lower portion of the window while allowing light to enter the room from above, or privacy with light from below depending on the location of the window opening, allowing light to cast intricate shadows across the floor. Glare is reduced, and in the summer the curtain reduces heat and opens up automatically in the evening in the winter the petals can open up to allow in the low winter sun to warm the interior. The curtains are made from 3d printed nylon.



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    Virginia San Fratello
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    Virginia San Fratello
    Ronald Rael
    Chase Lunt
    Al Filart
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    modo, rhino, arduino
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