Thermo-Electronic Battery

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The Rechargeable Therm-o-Electronic Battery

A device that looks just like but weighs less than a normal battery of its size, charges just like a battery but whose output is programmable within the dynamic range of the device. As an example you can charge the 1. 5volt AA size battery with 10 volts in fifteen minutes then take out 5 volts at 50 ma for the life of the energy stored. Alternatively, the battery could regulate its output to 1 volt at 50 ma for nearly five times the 5 volt term. Any output voltage and current between 5 volts, and 50 ma output may be programmed into the battery via serial data to the positive pin while grounding the negative terminal. This battery may be made in any size, has no dangerous chemical, cannot explode and will not spark if deactivated while it still has all energy stored inside. It has embedded SHA security may be enabled to ensure only authorized utilization of the device. Hacking is impossible as the entire front end of the unit must be replaced to utilize the energy stored within. At which time voiding of the case would allow a significant amount of energy to escape, rendering the device useless.


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