High Temperature Superconductor

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I/ Meissner Effect
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamagnetism />1/ Diamagnetism will occur if the orbital velocity of electrons vary.
2/ At low temperatures( near absolute zero ), the electrons of the phonon’s atoms move slowly & thus cause the diamagnetic effect.
3/ Therefore there is no magnetic field inside a superconductor.
4/ Superconductivity mainly is from diamagnetism.
5/ The electrons from the current have enough momentum to go through the repulsion of the diamagnetism of the phonon atoms.
6/ However the phonon atoms still repel the electrons from the current.
7/ Thus the current electrons will not collide with the phonon atoms because of the repulsion force from diamagnetism.
8/ Because there is no magnetic field inside the superconductor, the current will line up as north to South & north to south. The north pole of the first electron will open the way while the north pole of the next electron attracted by the south pole of the first electron & so on.
9/ Thus a Cooper’s pair current is formed.
10/ If a room temperature superconductor is desired, we have to find a material which has diamagnetism effect at room temperature i.e. the orbital velocity of the electrons move slowly at room temperature.


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