New Hybrid Off-Shore Wind Turbine/Permanent Magnet Motor

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Innovative Synergy of New Hybrid Off-Shore Wind Turbine/Permanent Magnet Motor/Generator Design with Renewable Energy Efficiencies

This project plan develops an innovative new wind turbine design which is already highly efficient and increases the efficiency of the wind power capture by synergistically linking the turbine power generation with another renewable technology. Coupled with MagLev Energy, Inc. (MEI) innovative permanent magnet motor technology, a hybrid solution generates continuous, zero emission, economical power with little or no fossil fuel dependence. Unique motor/generator design harvests back-EMF, demonstrates little or zero reluctance, and provides 60% input power reduction versus conventional electric motor technology. Commercial viability of off shore wind power capture will be significantly enhanced by innovative efficiencies from this project plan. Many other commercial applications are applicable to these efficiency focused designs. Substantial savings in installation and maintenance costs with this project plan support economical off shore wind energy capture. Overall, this project plan is a much simpler and more efficient design.

Another important enhancement from this project plan is the aesthetic improvement and conformity to wildlife as opposed to current off shore wind designs. In addition, motor/generator design footprint is reduced due to high Horsepower/Lb. ratio. This highly efficient vertical wind turbine design is much more aesthetically pleasing than large horizontal fan blades. In addition, this vertical design converts wind pressure to power and tends to deflect birds and wildlife away from harm during operation. Coupled with new motor/generator technology, this project plan will ultimately show all the improvements in efficiency, installation, maintenance, acceptability, and economic viability for off shore wind.


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