Top Down Data Fusion

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Today, data is collected globally from multiple sources via GPS and other handheld devices, stored in the cloud and left to the user to figure out the value of this data, and what to do with it. To create data value requires a data fusion model that consolidates these data silos into one `digital cloud platform, adds analytics and business intelligence, introduces remote sensors for real time data monitoring, constructs data visualization models for all management levels to show performance metrics, analyze current and historical data, and provide a sustainable solution by conserving resources like water, labor and energy. With sensing, users see problems via a GPS-located asset dashboard, and alerts users when a potential disaster may occur. This allows management to make decisions immediately, not when it is too late The consequences of “not acting in time” can be additional remediation costs of $1-15M, fines & lawsuits, human health and environmental risks, erosion of stock and shareholder value, increased insurance and other costs, and press notifications to the community.

Our AgriManager™, EcoManager™ and TurfManager® solutions consolidate onsite data from multiple sources into one internet portal, performs detailed analyses within minutes, enable the user to visually see where the problems are onsite via a GPS-based dashboard, and alerts the user when a potential disaster may occur … ALL WITHIN MINUTES, and not hours or days. This allows management to make game changing decisions with real time data immediately, not when it is too late. These proactive risk management solutions and disaster prevention solutions will be sold to large multi-billion dollar global markets.

These solutions minimize product loss and insurance risk, reduce operational costs and cycle times, conserve water, energy and other resources, and reduce the time it takes to receive time critical and actionable data. This is accomplished by automating data collection via wireless sensing and mobile devices, performing integrity and multi-variate analyses, representing the data into a dashboard everyone can see and understand, and alerting users via text and/or email that they need to act … all in a matter of minutes. Our open architecture can accept digital signals sent by any wireless sensor around the world. These sensors will transmit data for water quality, soil, air, water flow and level, gases, RFID tags, weather, and is manufacturer agnostic. This data is visually represented with GPS-located assets on an aerial image and globally available 24/7. Our solutions allow the stakeholders a real-time status and a lead time to correct developing surface or subsurface pollution problems before discovery on the next site visit … when it may be too late. The USAF used sensing at Maguire AFB and had savings off budget of 50%+ in remediation costs and 18-24 months of remediation time.



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    Hugh Rundle
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    Hugh J. Rundle
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    The best analysis tools are listening to potential customers as to what problems they need solved, then you have a basis for a product/service and a business.
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    Golf, hiking and ice hockey
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    To solve problems where few have entered and develop products and solutions that match actual needs of the users for which people are willing to pay.
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    ESRI GPS, wireless sensing, cloud computing, telemetry, visualization
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