World Wide Web Space Station

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A web site that will gather scientist and anyone with good ideas to develop the new generation spacecraft, top migrate to Mars, also fundraising from all around the world, anyone can donate, so its a project from the whole planet not from just a few nations.

Within the web site there will be three departments:

1) Propulsion system: it's where new theories, experiments and solutions for a totally new propulsion system to travel from here to Mars will be developed, the ideas will be organized, and select the best one.

2) Control system: it's where the control systems will be designed and developed for this new spacecraft...sensors, electronics systems, mechanical systems, robotics, communication systems.

3) Spacecraft design: it's where new materials with special properties for such travel will be designed, experimented, and developed.

The whole web site is a project manager of a migration resolution from human to another planet, it's time to explore new horizons, this web site will be focused on that, making part the whole planet into it. Even a section for children where they can give their opinions and ideas. Everyone will be part of this ship, everyone will donate ideas, money, etc.

The physical place to ensemble the parts made from every department will be selected by a consensus, as the place of final take off.

This will accelerate the process since millions of people will get interested, rather than a few companies and some countries like it is now.

I had a dream and saw people from different ages and intellects building a big spacecraft that will take the next generation human step forward, for a new world and challenges.


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