Human Powered Electric Vehicle

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The Team aim towards designing, validating and fabricating a three wheeled hybrid human powered electric vehicle driven by two drivers, which has a capability to act as a good viable option for city local transportation. The vehicle would be capable to be driven simultaneously as well as alternatively by two drivers. Team designed the vehicle keeping ergonomics and value engineering in mind. The vehicle is designed to give high performance at a lower rate. The vehicle thus design is capable of carrying two riders, of 6’3” height and weighing 113.4 kg. Our Vehicle further is designed keeping in view the future aspect for which bio filters for rural Indian population and innovative battery charger for city conditions are design. The design is validated using six different analysis tests for driver safety.we have tested this vehicle and it attain maximum speed of 60 km/hr .


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    Ankur Wadhwa
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    Ankur Wadhwa
    Jaideep Singh
    Akhil Gupta
    Alan Babu
    Prateek Bansal
    Ankit Gupta
    Sahil Arora
    Raghib Raja
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    Nx 7.5 For Modelling, Nastran Nx for FEA, Suspension Analyser by Performance Trends and Lotus Shark For motor-sport Suspension optimization, Ricardo Wave for engine optimization
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