Field Evaporation Assistance

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This invention would assist farmers recover parts of their fields that have flooded. Often, only pumps will drain low lying areas, but these are capital intensive and energy intensive. This idea would consist of a metal framework that has a cloth or plastic mesh stretched across it. Water would soak into the lower part, submerged in the flood water, and wick up, spread out, and evaporate. Thus, a field could be dried out with no fuel, minimal labor, and minimal capital.

The materials could be sourced locally for the most part, and be assembled using local labor. These would store flat or easily be recycled when they are no longer needed.

I have not included a drawing, as none is needed. Anybody can envision what this thing would look like, and how it works. I would hope this could aid farmers to recover usable land without expensive equipment and operating capital.

Sorry, one drawing required. I included one.


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    William Finch
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