Hydrogen Extraction

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This machine is based off of electrolysis that has been a known format of extracting hydrogen. We know about electrolysis and how it works. The question is have we done all that we can. I propose a different way of thinking about the process. What if we could introduce a combustible gas that will ignite with the electrolysis process and move it mechanically through a system that will aid in the extraction process?

The flow would start with water, gases and the electricity flowing through a combustion chamber. The electrolysis ignites the gases and starts a flow of water that would push out the back causing the rear blades to rotate which would force the forward blades to rotate and force more water to flow through the system then the process would repeat itself. The force produced by the machine would push the water flow through a set of pipes that would empty out the top of the tank and the gas and water would separate. The water would return to the tank and gas would flow up to a collection tube and be forced into a holding tank through a one way valve. From the holding take the gas can be directed to the equipment that needs the fuel.

As for the manufacturing process 3D printing has come a long way. Most of the parts could start off in the 3D printing process before being built through traditional manufacturing means. Some of the new material that are used in the 3D printers are just as good or better than the standard material. Most of the machine and the tank are made from well know plastics that are used in ever day productions. This should aid in the reduction of cost and turn around time in completing the production build.

This machine is not made to put a small amount in and to gain a greater amount out. This process is to take what we have and extract one type of fuel that is cleaner and more environmentally friendly. This process could change the way we think and could aid in reducing the amount demand we have for fossil fuels. This will not replace the need for fossil fuels but reduce the dependency on other nations for fuel that we need.

This process is still a theory. My hope is to have the collaboration of others to help make this theory a reality.


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