Recapture Source Energy

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Energy Source Recapture

Intro Background

All types of waste energy exist in our current engineered systems. The efficiency for particular systems vary from fundamental physics driving ideal values, to physical make up losses from friction, to manufacturing variability per system that do not meet the ideal physics capability and other external sources of energy beyond a systems boundary. No one system is practically exact. Hence, arises the opportunity to recapture energy that is transformed from one form to another, it simply accumulates in a sink or transcends various physical bodies.


A proposal is made to recapture energy. One such energy is in the form of heat. Heat is the most common by product energy transformation outcome and excessive accumulation or dispersion from a desired work path, engineered system or system sink from external sources. Let’s now define this heat as newly available heat, NAH.

Vast opportunities exist to capture and utilize NAH. In particular, with nanotechnology becoming more paramount, a nano level power generating plant can be researched, developed, verified and instituted into common day uses. Household use is one initial example for many. Some sources of NAH for instance consist of natural gas stove burners and oven heat exhaust, water boiler heat exhaust and clothes dryers heat exhaust, attic external solar heat sink, HVAC system fluid heat exhaust exchange, and counter top grill cookers.


NAH can be utilized to provide additional or sole sources of alternative nanotechnology energy cycle for an electricity power generation cycle, refrigeration or heat generation cycle for uses throughout a household. NAH would be more prevalent and used as household nanotechnology such as LED lighting, televisions, cellular phones, and tablet computing technology and heat release energy technology are continually innovated, contributing to a lower magnitude value of energy demand and draw.

Sustainability Enabler

NAH requires innovation on existing energy cycles at an appropriate technology level that are energy draw compatible with new nanotechnology evolving devices that will enable a more sustainable path, Together, making our World better™©.

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