Lighting Bolts in a Box

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There is a distinct world?wide need for a technology that can offer an exponential advance in electric energy storage above and beyond the basic technologies of Lithium?based batteries and ultra?capacitors. Such a revolutionary advance should far surpass and exceed the electric energy storage capabilities of Lithium?based and chemical batteries and those of double layer type ultra?capacitors, as well as reducing the amount of atmospheric and environmental pollution (with subsequent climate disruption) from the combustion of fossil fuels.

I have discovered such a technology in the form of solid state prototype compositions made into devices that have the potential to revolutionize the world of electric energy storage and possibly reverse or slow down the negative effects of burning fossil fuels. The prototypes devices exhibit apparent dielectric constants in excess of 90 million and can operate from ?10° C to +250° C.

Based on the characteristics of the prototypes, a cube, 4” long per edge, could be manufactured that could theoretically store 8,000 KWH.

These innovative solid state compositions and devices are able to be manufactured in high volumes and formats by available industrial equipment. The compositions contain no toxic or hazardous materials and are environmentally “green” to manufacture.

Our new compositions and devices, through continuing development, will be able to offer orders of magnitude increases in energy density, energy capacity, volumetric efficiency and higher temperature operation than Lithium and other chemical based batteries, ultra?capacitors and some other types of capacitor devices.

Our devices would also affect a paradigm shift in energy storage for EVs, solar panels, and wind turbines. Our new electrical energy storage devices should also find endless applications in residual power, military/aerospace, medicine/health care, entertainment and telecommunications.

Additionally our revolutionary energy storage devices will be economically cost effective and beneficial because:

•They will be adaptable to manufacturing with automated equipment, reducing labor costs.
•They will provide greater electrical energy storage in a reduced real estate and a lighter package.
•They will have faster rechargeable rates when compared to other chemical based batteries.
•They will have the ability to operate at much higher temperatures than standard chemical batteries and ultra?capacitors.
•They will not be susceptible to overheating, fire, explosions, outgassing, or chemical leakage contamination if broken or punctured.

We project that our revolutionary discovery will result in solid
state electric energy storage systems that will be able to offer a minimum of a 50X increase in energy storage capability, while at the same time offering a 75% reduction in overall cost when compared to current state?of?the?art electric energy storage technologies.

We envision someday being able to catch and store a lightning bolt!


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