An Air Conditioner = A Mini Power Plant

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Of a city’s total electricity consumption, more than 25% of the power is just consumed by the very basic need for air conditioning–to keep the temperature inside offices, homes,malls,shopping complexes,hypermarkets,cinema halls, factory complexes–at an ambient temperature for comfortable working, living and leisure.

MY INVENTION makes it possible to generate a self-perpetuating source of electrical power from an everyday appliance–the AIR CONDITIONER–a power-guzzler found in almost every household and every office and factory, in 80% of the parts of the world – and turn it into a POWER GENERATOR.

An air conditioner has 2 main components:

a) An electric fan motor revolving at a very high speed, almost 10,000 RPM, attached to 2 fan shafts, one at the front of the AC grille and one at the tail end of the AC.
b) The other major unit is the compressor which uses 80% of the electricity consumed by the air conditioner.

The basic principle of producing electric current whether in a Dynamo (the small device which fascinated us so much as kids, which rubbing against the rear wheel of a bicycle when it was set in motion,created a 12V charge enough to light up the bulb fitted on the front of the bicycle),a Water Turbine where the water falls through the Dam,a Nuclear power plant or a Thermal power plant where the steam turns a Turbine, or the Diesel genset where the fuel fires up an internal combustion engine, is that a set of coils set in an armature shaft is rotated furiously against a field of magnets, and that kinetic energy turns into electro-magnetism, and finally turns into an electric current.

Attaching the DYNAMO device (the set of high intensity copper coils surrounded by heavy magnets) to the electric motor which already is there running at a very high speed and rotating the 2 fans, the Dynamo device turns into a mini power generator which should be capable of generating 3-5 Kilowatts of electric power, depending on the size of the air conditioner and the force of the rotating motor.

Two wires out of this Dynamo which is producing current, then connect back again to the electric motor and the compressor to feed them the 2 Kilowatts of power they are consuming. Excess electricity generated out of the air conditioner could be wired out through power sockets to be used by other appliances in the house.

Now the electric motor is turning the DYNAMO, the current produced by the DYNAMO is feeding it back to the electric motor and compressor, and in turn the electric motor keeps running feeding the DYNAMO. A perpetual cycle of energy is created -– that as long as the electric motor is in motion, electricity is created, and the same electricity is passed over through to the electric motor to keep it runnning. A mini-power plant running the AC. No fuel, no smoke!

Current Price of AC: USD 500-800
Additional Cost of this INVENTION: USD 300


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