Mountainside Electricity Generator

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This self-sustaining electricity generator needs to be located on a mountainside with a river flowing near it. The process begins with water evaporation using electricity to heat the water into its gaseous state. The steam engine is connected to an electric generator. From there, the steam rises through an insulated metal tube. Since the steam is lighter than the air, it will rise without any assistance to the top of the mountainside. On the top of the mountain, there will be 3 sterling engines on top of a water deposit. Here, it will produce electricity using the steam’s temperature. Using an atmospheric engine, it will convert the steam into water, which will then be collected in the same water deposit. The water will flow down through several reinvented water wheel engines, which power the electrical generator and produces even more electricity which will be collected through power lines. The water that has flown through the gravitational engine will end up in another water deposit which can be reused for another cycle, or can be used as tap water.

Since the electricity produced is always greater than the electricity used, it can be used for industrial, commercial, and residential needs.

The Electricity produced is nearly 500% more than the electricity used, depending on how tall the mountain is. This system produces electricity day and night.

This system minimally impacts the surrounding ecological system, and produces minimal contaminates in comparison to other ways of producing electricity.


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