High Expansion Rotary Steam Engine

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SpinDyne's "Shields Brother's Engine"

If public and private transportation vehicles were powered by an engine which would be significantly more economical without sacrificing power, less costly to manufacture, less costly to maintain, quieter, and naturally low in all forms of vehicular emissions, the quality of life would be greatly enhanced.

Our engine uses a method of external combustion proven over the past half century to be 99% efficient in power usage and naturally free of particulate pollutants. It is capable of running on any combination of Gasoline, Diesel, Natural Gas and Alcohol while meeting the standards established by the California Air Resources Board.

The engine itself uses steam as an efficient energy carrier..

 High energy "dry" steam under approximately 1000 psi produces high torque on a proprietary shaped rotor in an engine case. The rotor is not a reciprocating piston, turbine or offset-Wankel design. Multiple instances of the rotor allow a smooth power output that can safely extract energy from steam down to the condensation point. This gives the engine the greatest efficiency possible. In no case do we claim that the energy of the engine exceeds the chemical energy contained in the fuel.

Because the efficiency of the engine is extremely high, the waste heat produced is minimal compared to a conventional internal combustion engine. Because of the relative simplicity of design, manufacture of this engine would use fewer material resources and less energy to build than conventional engines.

Using materials developed within the last ten years will allow our engine to run without lubricating or crankcase oil. The sealed water-steam system contains only pure water. State of the art insulation allows the burners to turn off whenever a vehicle is stopped at a light or halted in traffic. The engine uses no fuel and does not produce internal motion, "idle," in this situation. Steam pressure retained in the engine would allow instant starts even if the burner had not yet restarted.

In summary, we believe our engine has the potential to improve multiple aspects of quality of life for everyone.


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