Earth Resonant Field Energy Generation

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This idea consists of constructing a Torus underground, which will collect electrons. This structure represents the stator in an electric motor. It will be insulated from the surrounding ground and collect electrons through static electric currents. When enough electrons are collected a resonant magnetic-electric field will draw a continuous stream of electrons from the surface. Electrons will be drawn to a Iron formation in the center of the Torus and migrate outwards to enter the Torus. When a sufficient intensity is reached the excess electrons can be siphoned off and converted into usable electric power. The majority of the structure will remain underground, therefore the system can be built in an area which will appear to be a park.

This system can produce virtually free and unlimited electric energy. The earth resonates, the structures of the earth resonate, and the atoms in the earth all resonate, so the system has an unending power source in the earth itself.

Simple; Thank you very much.
Mark Scarpelli


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