PVC Materials: Ecological, Health, Chemical and Fire Safety in Their Manufacture, Use and Disposal

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All of us know about the potential danger connected with processing of a polymeric waste, and nevertheless all of us use a lot of polymers! The problem of polymers utilization is especially actual for PVC as a result of PVC burning dioxins release into the atmosphere - global ecotoxicants which split poorly and collect both in a human body, and in the planet biosphere, including air, water, and food. No wonder one of the slogans of Greenpeace: Go PVC-Free. But to refuse the conveniences connected with use of plastic, nobody would like.
The proposed method is directed on improvement of the PVC consumer properties and, in particular, reducing of dioxins discharge during processing. The method is based on a principle: "prevention is better than cure," that is, all efforts are made to eliminate the very reason, not to eliminate its negative effects.

The essence of the method proposed is as follows:

First, instead of PVC materials used with a very dangerous and toxic ingredients - the traditional type of additives (plasticizers, stabilizers, flame retardants, etc.) new additives (modifiers) were developed and implemented, which are now the class of low-risk and non-toxic substances.

Second, the newly developed modifiers now at the same time also perform the role of active "neutralizer"of various high-risk and toxic substances released during the combustion of polymeric products.

Third, new additives (modifiers) are introduced into the polymer product one-off immediately at the stage of its manufacture, and thus there is no need of further care and control of material at a later stage of its movement, including the step of recycling.
The main advantages of the proposed method may include:

A. The comprehensive nature of the problem solution.
B. High effectiveness, combined with the simplicity and accessibility of the method.
C. The minimum level of material costs for its implementation and use in production.
D. High economic efficiency of its widespread adoption and use.
E. The uniqueness of a global scale, essentially brings together the world community on a global attack on the problem as a whole.

On the basis of this approach using roller-calender technology in the Russian Federation a new floor PVC covering «Spetsstrol» (www.specstrol.ru, in Russian) was received. The specified material for the first time in the world won in its class of materials unique set of fire safety, sanitary, chemical, hygienic and ecological properties at one time. Thus in its class the material possessed also the most optimum value of an indicator "price/quality."

The proposed approach can be extended to other PVC materials. Implementing it should include three phases:

Step 1. The development of the proposed method as applied to other technologies of polymeric materials (extrusion, injection molding, pressing, coating etc.);
Step 2. Release of laboratory and pilot (manufacturing) lots by the developed technologies;
Step 3. Analysis of the properties of the samples and making recommendations for commercial production.


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