PM REX 7 - Range Extender Make Long Distances Your Friend

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Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH has worked for many years in the field of fuel cell technology and developed innovative solutions in the stationary as well as in the field of maritime and mobile applications for the pressing issues to alternative and environmentally friendly ways of power generation and propulsion technology. Proton Motor as a SME is leading the way in this high-tech and creates advantages for Germany’s position as an industrial location.

Short project presentation
The hydrogen-based fuel cell range extender for electric-powered vehicles is an effective support for applications where the existing battery capacity is not sufficient. The system was developed as a conceptual, modular solution to ensure a wide applicability to various platforms. During the operation developed emissions are only water vapor and heat, pollutants do not arise. The assembly of a battery-electric drive with a fuel cell range extender is therefore in sum to a true zero-emission vehicle.

Long project presentation
The range extender used currently for battery vehicles are based on an internal combustion engine. They have the disadvantage that the zero emission of the battery drive gets lost. The fuel cell range extender is an innovative way, since he combines the benefits of the battery – zero emission and renewable energy use - and the benefits of the fuel cell - fast reloading and storing large amounts of energy through hydrogen. While large battery capacity needs still several hours to achieve the full charge - even with fast charge, the range extender refueling with hydrogen is possible in only a few minutes.

As a final product of electrochemical implementation in the fuel cell only is steam. Through the use of "green" hydrogen, obtained via electrolysis from wind power, in conjunction with "green" electricity from renewable sources, the vehicle can be operated not only locally, but at total emission-free.

The fuel range extender for battery electric vehicles drives combines the benefits of latest technology in the areas of fuel cell, battery and electric drive to a highly efficient zero emission drive for commercial vehicles. Electro mobility receives so an effective support for such applications, for which the existing battery capacity is not sufficient.


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