Recharging Electric Vehicle with Wheels and Alternate Energy

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Our company has designed a unique mechanical device, we refer to as a VSTC and a Wind Turbine, to be used as alternate energy, in order to produce a self-efficient AEV that will obtain, using a 12V DC Lithium-ion battery, 75,000 - 100,000 Miles Per Battery Life (MPBL) without the need for a Hybrid engine, plug-in station or regenerative braking.

To obtain this mileage, the battery is constantly being re-charged in this manner:

* WHEELS - A VSTC is connected to the wheel in order to transfer approximately 50%, or more, of the energy to the battery while the vehicle is in motion
* WIND TURBINE - Mounted on top of the hood, in an unobtrusive manner, with a second VSTC connected to the shaft of the rotor blade, to serve two functions:
1. Another 50% of energy, or more, in addition to the 50%
from the energy of the wheel is transfered by the VSTC
to the battery while the vehicle is in motion
2. If the wind speed is over 3 MPH, a trickle charge of
approximately 10% - 20% is transferred from the wind by
the VSTC to the battery while the vehicle is parked at
the curb

* The VSTC enables the AEV to be 100% green due to zero emissions
* The VSTC is designed to operate at 3-12 MPH, with sufficient horsepower, to properly operate the generator to re-charge the battery, regardless of these MPH speeds:
+ The atmospheric wind to the wind turbine while the vehicle is in motion or parked at the curb
+ Wheel RPM

* A kit can be easily assembled to convert millions of used gas engine vehicles, presently on the market, to an AEV at approximately one-half the cost of a new AEV.  The AEV, uniting the wheels with a wind turbine to obtain 75,000 – 100,000 MPBL, will be the car to purchase
now and the future.


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