The WaterNet

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The Waternet (How to prevent the world from a water war)
(English is not my native language.)
Because of global warming, it will become more and more difficult to get pure water. The polar ice liquefaction, the evaporation of tropical seas will generate more floods and water pollution. All of these will cause more trouble due to toxic water as illness, drought, meal contamination, famine. Because of the lack of interest for fossil energy, gulf countries will become a vast desert without any interest. Some integrist ideas could become more and more dangerous. As usual, people will find out a way to fight each other. Countries with greater military power could attack weaker countries which possess more purified water reserve. Before these problems occur, United Nations ought to realize this water project by:
-Creating many automatic water pumping systems throughout the world during each flood (i.e only and only when the water goes over an acceptable level)
-Allowing a new type of cooperation. Richer countries will help the poorest to purify their overload of water due to floods
-Creating a pure water stock to permit everyone to obtain drinkable water for health and nutrition matter
-Assuring to every country water resources for all whatever their democratic and wealthy level
-Improving clean energy research based on nuclear fusion, liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen
-Recycling materials coming from petroleum industries (Pumping stations, empty oil wells)
-Realizing artificial lakes to fight desertification and famine specifically to help developing agriculture and pisciculture on former petroleum fields
-Fighting forest fires
N.B This project aims to help countries to face flooding problems not to disturb the natural water cycle. We had to collect and purify water only in case of flood and natural disaster. United Nations had to create some procedures to prevent any abuse or sabotage of this project.


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