Amplified Mechanical Energy

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The idea is to use as source of electrical energy an amplified force exerted over a small distance at one end of a lever generated by exerting a small force over a greater distance at the other end.

Initially, the motor that drives a flywheel with an attached lever via an axle is powered by an external power source. When the motor turns, the flywheel pulls the lever up and down. This up and down action at one end of the lever generates a greater force at the other end due to the short distance from the fulcrum. Two flywheels that are connected to the lever via axles are driven by this action. These flywheels are coupled via belt to two generators which generates electrical energy. The first generator charges a bank of batteries. The second generator is connected to a load. When the batteries in the battery cabinet are fully charged, the automatic transfer switch disconnect the motor from the external power source and connects it to the charbeable batteries. The charged batteries powers the motor that drives the two generators. The system will become independent from outside power source due to the power feedback from one of the generator.

The cycle is repeated generating electricity using the amplified mechanical energy.


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