Windmill to Drive Trains and Cars

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The cost of fuel (diesel/petrol) to drive vehicles is increasing every day and all automobile companies are searching for alternate fuel or renewable source of technology. Great research is going on in development of hybrid vehicles (where one source of energy is engine and another may be electric or other). The motivation behind development of hybrid vehicles is to produce more power with less fuel consumption. My idea is to fix a windmill (small) in the roof or in the front such that as vehicles moves the blade of wind mill also move and produce energy which can be used for charging batteries. This idea can also be used in trains as speed of train is much higher compared to road vehicles. The research can be done in finding the optimised number of wind mill to be installed in vehicles. As shown in figure 1 where we have series-parallel combination of windmill situated inside the tube. in each tube the wind mill will be installed such a way such that there will be some phase difference between each windmill. Figure2 shows the configuration of installing windmill over the train roof or side both side of the train. Vent for air can be provided in some places as shown in fig2 as air rushing inward due to movement of train.


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    Alok Juyal
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    while walking on the road i saw some small windmill like structure over truck which started rotating as truck started moving that day i thought to make it.
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