Off-Grid mCCHP System with H2 Storage

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Renewable energy production used by consumers (power, heat and cooling), together with hydrogen, is seen as the dominant future energy form. Using fuel cell technology, the two forms are effectively interchangeable (hydrogen and electricity), providing the potential for hydrogen to be a large-scale storage medium for electricity. Major technological and regulatory changes will be the basis of this new electricity service. The first path of technological change can be production of Combined Cooling, Heat and Power, at the consumers level, through demonstration technologies and projects. The project proposal aims to use renewable energy from the sun as efficiently as possible. The concept, in this project proposal, is to achieve energy supply for residential use, using fuel cell technology and hydrogen production by renewable sources (figure 1). Electricity production is achieved with a hydrogen powered fuel cell. The hydrogen production can be made using an electrolyser powered by photovoltaics panels. The hydrogen produced by the electrolyser during summer covers stock consumption and provides the necessary stock for the cell to function the longest period of time possible, in winter. The heat required for the residency will be produced from the following sources, namely: a boiler with pellet fuel (to cover the peak of thermal load), thermal solar panels and heat recovered from the fuel cell and electrolyzer in a heat storage. Cold needed for space conditioning during summer will be generated with a thermal chiller. This chiller converts the hot water heat in cool water and accumulates it in a cooling storage. The microCCHP system with renewable energy sources is based on modern information technology (real time contol and web access) and will be controlled by remote.The main objective of this project is to aid the creation and establishment of the technologies necessary to adapt the current energy system for residential use by various mixes of renewable energy sources.
The specific objective of the project is to achieve an electricity, heat and cold residential generation system (mCCHP) off-grid type, powered by renewable energy


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