Zero Pollution Engine™

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Your vote can help wean the world off of fossil fuels by using pellet stoves to power vehicles and machinery and generate electricity. Pellets can be made from any locally available renewable fuels, including trash, manure, bedding, food waste, etc., turning waste disposal problems into valuable fuel resources.

The Zero Pollution Engine™ (ZPE™) is only truly a zero pollution when powered by solar, geothermal or waste heat. The ZPE™ is better for the environment and your pocket book than any other engine because all other engines must burn something all the time, but the ZPE™ can be heated with the infra red (IR) heat energy in sunlight. On a sunny day, you go for free. Optical fibers will be used to gather IR over a large area and concentrate it into the small area of the hot side cylinders. Heat pipes will be used to automatically regulate engine temperature.

Now imagine how much pollution could be eliminated if every big truck and delivery van didn't have to burn fuel of any kind on sunny days. Why not passenger cars? Because they probably won't have enough surface area to completely eliminate the need to burn some renewable fuel.

For the last six months we have had the pleasure of working with many great engineers that belong to the Yahoo!® group "Hot Air Engine Society". They asked a lot of tough questions and provided a lot of great answers to our questions. One took the time to simulate our engine and determined that the problem with our original design was our heat exchangers. He also took time to design new heat exchangers and those are now being made. We hope to have a running engine in July or August.

The ZPE™ will be more efficient than the NASA automotive Stirling engines due to our superior internal aerodynamics and our vastly superior thermal isolation of the hot and cold sides. The ZPE™ can also be rapidly and precisely throttled without loss of temperature or pressure.

Why has it taken us so long to get to this point? Lack of funding. Please read "Why the ZPE™ is Better", available for download near the top of our home page at If you have any questions or comments, please make or ask them below, or send us an email. We need to know exactly why you haven't fallen in love with our engine.

Please give us your vote. Please support us financially if possible. Help us eliminate farm fuel expense and reduce the need to drill for oil offshore, in wildlife refuges, etc. Help us make the world a better, cleaner, more peaceful place for everyone.

Thank you.


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    Jeremiah Haler
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    Jeremiah J. Haler, Owner; Michael Howard, R&D, General Manager
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