Gasoline from Carbonated Water H2CO3 -> C8H18

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This idea uses ultrasonic molding along with magnetic and electrical control systems that produce the ionization levels at the proper positions in a molecular liquid, and then controlling the magnetic moments to disassemble "carbonated water" H2CO3 and reassemble into C8H18 "gasoline"...

We all know how much gasoline affects the economy, and if we
had cheaper gas, manufacturers would be able to cheaply produce their products here. People would be able spend more money on various items, because they would have more money to spend. Most of us spend a least $100 a week to full up our gas tanks. How could we get the price of gas to go down to .30 cents ?

Well, most of us buy soda, so a lot of carbonated systems are already in place, and with this new technology we would be able to realize this decrease in gas prices very fast!



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