Canute Power

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We convert energy from waves into a potential energy ready for transportation or storage. Compressed air with which we can generate electricity. The by-products of our system are fresh water and cold air.

We have a design for a Simple Low Tech Rugged Portable Wave Energy Conversion Platform. The ocean is a very hostile environment, Salt water is highly corrosive. The engineering required to overcome these challenges for Wave Energy Electrical Generation requires a substantial investment the Undersea Transformers required and the Undersea Cable are also very expensive to engineer and install. Transformers require routine maintenance. Our approach is to simplify everything, Our platforms produce compressed air it is piped to shore where standard electrical generators produce the electricity safely and in the dry.

This allows us to produce energy as cheaply and reliably as coal. We use standard manufacturing processes and off the shelf components. We can create jobs here in Florida This system is designed for mass production and because it is portable can be towed anywhere in the world.

65%-75% of the world's population live close enough to the shoreline to benefit from the affordable electricity we can produce. Many places also are in desperate need of water. The by-product of our system is fresh water utilizing the Extremely Cold Exhaust Air we can produce more water. We can provide pumping power to an OTEC system to make them more efficient.

Many Nations have declared their intent to use as much renewable power as possible. The world's oceans have potentially 100's of Terrawatt hours of energy available. Japan, Hawaii, Aruba, Australia, South Africa, India, Pakistan. All of these Island States Nations have huge coastlines and huge amounts of untapped wave energy.

Once we have established production here in the States we propose to provide these systems to the poorest nations with no upfront cost. Payment for the system would come as a % of Electricity sold.

Here in the States we propose to connect to local utilities. We also see an opportunity with the Armed Forces especially Navy and Marines, any remote outpost. All government facilities are now required to use some renewable energy any facility near the coast could be easily supplied. Here in the USA some states are starving for water; we can provide dedicated desalination systems that produce fresh water along side our electrical generation plant.
Our platforms can also co-locate with ocean wind farms they could also generate compressed air instead of electricity.

Waves are much more consistent and less intermittent than wind or solar. We can provide electricity 24/7 with the system we have designed.

At the moment Renewable Energy Certificates can be auctioned for 20 yrs in advance. This alone is enough to pay for each new 5 MW system we propose.

We are all pioneers in this industry thank you for your consideration. Sincerely Roy Wagner, Inventor.


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