Geothermal on the Pacific Rim

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Many are attacking the renewable energy issues. People use geothermal and some of the wells are causing problems because of the addition of fluids to underground structures that are altering, causing minor earthquakes etc. Water supply is also a problem in some locales.

Using the geothermal heat along the Pacific Rim would allow a nearly infinite heat source and sea water for the conversion to super heated steam. Nothing new here. But, if we pump sea water to a geothermal heat source near the sea or ocean, it would not only supply power, but a byproduct would be potable water.

In addition, having excess electricity would allow the generation of Hydrogen cheaply for replacing carbon based fuels.

I propose funding for me to team with the University of Washington and posssibly Boeing, to develop these geothermal technologies for world wide use.

I suggest we begin in Washington State due to the close proximity of ample geothermal energy and the ocean and Puget Sound. Also, I would include Boeing because they already have several advanced efforts regarding Green Energy. Also, one of the Boeing sites is on the Duamish river and barely above sea level which may allow us to drill shallower wells to reach suitable temperatures.

Side benefits include almost free heat for homes and businesses. The distillate of the system would be recycled back underground to reduce the amount of water needed from the ocean and thus reducing the size of the source pipes.

When this works efficiently, California has immediate needs and similar proximaties to known geo thermal heat sources within a reasonable distance from the surface. The potable water and Hydrogen generated would also be a large asset to California.

Thank you, Bob Sommer


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