Arachnid Vigor

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The Arachnid Vigor works by attracting and repelling alternating positive and negative magnetic poles. Thus causing the apparatus to rotate. As the machine rotates, the rod in the center of the apparatus will be equipped with a gearing mechanism located on the bottom of the rod, to match the gears of an attached electrical generator. Therefore creating an endless amount of energy to power homes and businesses. It would also supply power to space stations and rovers whereas solar energy will be limited.

The Arachnid Vigor will operate 100% pollution free so it’s environmentally friendly.

It will drastically reduce greenhouse gases as it continuously runs nonstop.

It will also eliminate unexpected power failures due to inclement weather and natural disasters.

The machine will not need any type of fossil fuel which will drastically reduce the dependency of foreign oils.

When used in lawn equipment applications, it will operate at a very low noise frequency.

Arachnid Vigor Uses:

.Can be used to supply power to homes and businesses
.Can be used to supply power to lawn equipment
.Can be used to supply power to aircraft engines
.Can be used to supply power to marine equipment
.Can be used to supply power to automotive equipment
.Can be used to supply power to power tools
.Can be used to supply power for camping
.Can be used to supply continuous power to space stations and rovers (i.e. NASA’s Spirit and Opportunity) to explore other planets when solar power is limited.

The Arachnid Vigor could change the way we power everything, worldwide and beyond...


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