Improved Windpower

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Friction has finally been overcome by application of a novel, spherical NanoDiamond coating applied to sustainable energy, primarily Windpower Gear-boxes and Bearings. Additional benefits are ultra high efficiency and extremely long part life, as metal on metal contact is virtually removed. One outside lab test has shown in excess of 30 time life extension over synthetic oil – however the true potential could not be determined as the test was stopped early due to a burned out test-bed motor. A test at Corrigan Manufacturing on a hydraulic press showed an increase in press cycle speed of 81% within 6 Minutes of treatment, providing an unexpected increase in productivity.

Any friction surface could benefit using spherical NanoDiamond Coatings and market potential as a universal friction reducer is worldwide. Available lubricants rely on chemicals and compounds which break down thermally and molecularly over time, however this new material can withstand temperatures from absolute zero to 2000F and 3-4 Million PSI without fracturing. With a mean particle size of .1-4nm, the spherical particles embed, coating opposing friction surfaces which remain cool as they “Glide” against each other.

Creating diamond coated surfaces is now easy as pouring Spherical NanoDiamond rich oil into the lubrication system requiring treatment. As our nanomaterial blends with the existing lubricant, friction drives the nanoparticles into the uppermost surfaces, coating each with Spherical NanoDiamond particles. Many systems can actually run dry using only the diamond coating as lubrication, whereby extended operation occurs instead of catastrophic failure, saving the environment, time, lives and equipment.

This new form of Nanomaterial requires a patented specialized Plasma Reactor and unique production protocols unlike those used in known nanomanufacturing. As the material is also heretofore unknown in the scientific literature, comparison production costs are not possible, however the benefit of treatment far outweighs its cost. A wind turbine gear-set costing $2.5 Million that normally lasts 2 years can be treated once for about $50,000. Life expectancy of said gear-set is now 60 years with a savings of $75 Million not including inflation, maintenance or catastrophic failures that commonly destroy the entire tower. Projected savings is $74,950,000 and reducing carbon emissions normally generated manufacturing 29 unused gear-sets is another plus, as is higher continuous power output and lower startup speeds. Other benefits from downtime removal of not needing 29 gear-sets are: sustained automation, prevention and reduced injuries, improved public safety and security, saves time and money, alternative energy solution through high efficiency, reduces use of natural resources and directly leads to other improvements.

This new nanomaterial being diamond is biologically inert and has been tested by the Stanford Medical Center under contract by the Navy and determined safe, and written up in the Chemical Engineering, Horological Journal, Gun Digest, Gun Tests, Boat Modeler, Chicago Tribune and others.



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