Renewable Resource Generator

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In today's marketplace resources are becoming increasingly rare and the capability to process them is becoming increasingly difficult. As the market continues onward with this trend, product costs increase and fewer consumers are able to afford purchases. This cycle continues until the mass market is reduced to a single choice. This single choice leaves consumers dissatisfied and dissastisfied consumers abandon the market altogether. Upon abandonment of the market, chaos ensues, and perpetual anarchy exists.

The renewable resource generator was designed to process and purify raw materials utilizing clean solar energy. The processes of purifying any raw material is highly energy intensive and creates several damaging by-products. Solar Resources International (SRI) reprocesses these by-products and renews available resources. As resources become more scarce and competition for those resources increase, the opportunity to provide solutions becomes greater. The mission is to provide the highest quality and highest purity resources to industry partners available on the market. Designing, building, and deploying a series of production facilities addresses the requirements of conforming to LEED certification while simultaneously producing superior products with competitive prices. In particular the carbon fiber, semiconductor silicon, and titanium markets would be addressed. These products require a significant power source in order to purify and produce in a quantity which is cost effective enough to be profitable. The illustration is an artists rendering of the facility and its associated components. Rings of articulated mirrors surrounding a central structure reflect light onto a central pillar which collects the energy to drive the internal processes. The initial rendering contains a minimal number of mirrors or heliostats surrounding the central structure. In the completed design the rings would be filled in with heliostats arranged adjacent to one another to maximize the radiation reflected into the collector. This element is a similar design to the Solar Two Power tower assembled in the Mojave Dessert in the 1990s (

The central structure consists of a "solar pyramid" which houses the production facility and generates photovoltaic electricity both from direct solar radiation and incident radiation cast down from the central solar collector. The central collector focuses light into a beam which is directed downwards into the center of the pyramid where different mechanisms are constructed to consume the light as part of the production process. One example is to purify silicon from silicon dioxide. In its current form the process to produce semiconductor silicon lengthy and costly, incurring high costs due to the release of waste heat. Within the solar pyramid is housed a new type of turbine engine. This engine is able to convert waste heat from the various industrial processes to maintain efficient production. The engine combines elements from both liquid fueled rockets as well as modern turbine engines to maximize efficiency and minimize losses. The centripital axial turbine converts heat energy into mechanical energy with greater efficiency than any other engine before it. With these innovations SRI will be the dominant provider of resources worldwide. Nothing cleaner, nothing safer, pure existence, SRI.


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