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October 3, 2013

Breakthrough in Low-Cost, Automated Chemotherapy Treatment
Wins $20,000 Global Design Competition

Contest Draws over 925 Innovative Product Ideas from Engineers and Students in 60 Countries

New York, NY – ChemoPatch, a game-changing, patent-pending device, is able to administer up to three different chemotherapy drugs in select doses and at specific time intervals. Drug delivery is automated, allowing patients to reduce the frequency of hospital visits. The device is undergoing CE mark approval processes in the UK and will start clinical trials in India.

The ChemoPatch is a key fob-sized device that includes multiple environmental sensors that enable consumers to run a variety of Apps — from carbon monoxide monitoring to breath alcohol testing. For mobile device developers, it offers an open platform to create new low-cost sensor applications, both for entertainment and more serious applications such as medical sensors.

ChemoPatch was among the more than 925 new product ideas submitted in the 11th annual design contest, which was established in 2002 to recognize and reward engineering innovations that benefit humanity, the environment, and the economy. This year’s design contest was co-sponsored by COMSOL (www.comsol.com), and SAE International (www.sae.org).

Alydaar Rangwala, a student at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA), is part of the design team and views this invention as cutting-edge in its ability to deliver quality early-stage chemotherapy in developing countries. The existing methods for administration of these drugs have been primarily through intravenous delivery via a complex and costly pole-based infusion pump setup. As a result, infusion pumps have prevented treatment for early-stage cancers from becoming widely accessible.

“We are shocked and excited to have this tremendous opportunity to move forward with our design,” Mr. Rangwala said, ”this prize will help us to progress with the manufacturing process. We would like to extend a big ‘Thank You’ to the contest sponsors for making this happen.”

In addition to the grand prize of $20,000, first-place winners (of Hewlett-Packard workstations) were named in eight categories:

Aerospace & Defense – sponsored by TE Connectivity
Microwave Extraction of Water for Space Propellant
Edwin Ethridge

A method to reduce the cost of spacecraft launches by producing rocket propellant in-space from water.

Consumer Products
Plant Air Purifier
James Schaeffer (team leader)

An appliance that utilizes the recently discovered air-cleaning capacity of root-associated microbes living synergistically with common houseplants to trap and consume toxins in the air.

Electronics – sponsored by W. L. Gore & Associates
iPecs Pro Clinical Prosthetic Alignment and Assessment Tool
Michael Leydet (team leader)

A measurement and assessment tool to improve the fitting, adjustment, and alignment of prosthetic devices, resulting in greater mobility for the patient.

Machinery & Equipment
Fuel Flexible, Ultra-Portable Microturbine Generator
Erik Herold (team leader)

A portable power generation system that is reliable, requires little maintenance, and can operate continuously for extended periods of time.

Medical – sponsored by AVNET
James Dieffenderfer (team leader)

A monitoring device that helps asthma and COPD sufferers to manage a respiratory care program through Bluetooth connectivity to a tablet, computer, or smartphone.

Safety & Security
Power Fingerprinting Monitor: Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Attack
Carlos Aguayo Gonzalez (team leader)

A cyber security solution capable of directly detecting malicious intrusions in critical infrastructure and Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

Sustainable Technologies
The Paradigm Shift in Wind Turbine Technology
Glen Lux

An environmentally friendly vertical axis wind turbine design that cuts the capital and maintenance costs of wind turbines by half, making wind power more competitive with other energy sources.

Transportation & Automotive – sponsored by AVNET
Swift Tram: High Speed Automated People Mover
Carl Lawrence (team leader)

An elevated, high-speed, automated rapid transit system that passengers can schedule on-demand using a smartphone.

Finalists were selected by senior editors at Tech Briefs Media Group and judged by an independent panel of design engineers. Visitors to the contest Web site could vote on entries, with the 10 most popular designs awarded a Sphero mobile game system by Orbotix. For more information, visit

COMSOL, Inc. (Burlington, MA) provides software solutions for multiphysics modeling and simulation. Its flagship product, COMSOL Multiphysics, lets engineers and scientists build simulations that bring their design ideas to life. Its unparalleled ability to include all relevant physical effects that exist in the real world opens up a wide array of modeling possibilities. COMSOL's customers apply this technology to make cars and aircraft safer and more energy efficient, enhance the reception of our cell phones, search for new energy sources, explore the universe, develop medical equipment enabling more accurate diagnoses, and educate the next generation of scientists.

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