JULLS (Joint Unified LED-light Set)

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JULLS appears as single form-factor of Light-set that could be equipped with interchangeable lights and other equipment of standard size for different goals.

Form-factor and design of JULLS could provide more efficiency and economy of resources in processes of prototyping, producing, supplying, exploitation and repairing or changing of vehicles lights and of vehicles, equipped with JULLS.

Today all producers of military vehicles lights use unique form-factors, designs and measures of such lights that raising their costs and prices, make some difficulties and rise processes of supplying of final customers.

Form-factor and design of JULLS give possibility of huge economy of resources and wide range of usage it.

Design of JULLS involves:
Ground-base platform (is mounted on hull of vehicles). It has device for adjustments of Light-base platform
Light-base platform (is attached to Ground-base platform).
Interchangeable light-boxes (is attached to Light-base platform). Each Light-box consists of 2 places for lights or other devices.

Advantages of JULLS:
1. Joint Unified Form-factor and design
2. Ability for mounting of different lights or other devices (including videocam, depend on goals of usage).
3. Ability of mechanical adjustment of light direction
4. Ability of easy change of whole Light-set, Light-boxes and lights in Light-box.
5. Ability of further usage of intact parts of Light-set.
6. Wide range of manners for mounting of Light-sets on vehicles hull.

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