Fresh surface water mostly is contaminated by diarrhoeal pathogens. This vast source of water can be rendered safe for ‘point of use’ drinking application using our low cost solar water Pasteurisation device, ‘LifeRoll.’ Collected rainwater can also be Pasteurised to make it safe for drinking.

The current invention concerns recycling. The concept is simple. Take an item out of the garbage and turn it into something useful- something people will eat from. This is accomplished by cutting a glass bottle in two.

“Motor oil does not wear out, lose its lubricating properties or change viscosity as long as it is kept free of impurities” -The U.S. Bureau of Standards.

The Clean Engine, Inc. Oil Filtration System (OFS) is an aftermarket,

In the last three years, at least 173 people have been killed and more than 700 wounded in 17 ramming attacks around the world (source: http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-tsa-truck-warning-20170505-story.html).

This is a small, weather-proof electronic module covered by solar cells. Mounted on a surface or on a stake, it monitors the solar energy available over a long period of time to see if it’s practical to build a larger solar energy system in that location.

Renewable energy challenge
(From solar thermal energy to electrical energy)

This challenge is an individual idea to use 100% sustainable energy source to provide 100 % renewable energy.

Purpose and Mission:
Design a Board and Digital Interactive Graphic Game that Not ONLY teaches the Terms and Rules of the FOOTBALL GAME, but also is Entertaining, Fun, Educational; Yet also Teaches The “©MAKE-IT, TAKE-IT” Football Game of LIFE.
By Placing The Chosen Former “Celebrity Football Player”

We bring to your attention the project 2 details. The essence of the project is the use of two parts to create different objects. Using two parts and standard fasteners, you can collect simple furniture and even erect the walls of the house.

The idea is a multifunction Unit integrated into the antenna block of a vehicle that can solve several related issues as:
a) safety
b) passenger assistance
c) vehicle insurance in the event of accidents or theft
d) connection of the vehicle and its electronic systems to the network and


Cazza is a 3D printing technology company that aims to change the world through our technology and construction services. We sell 3D printing construction technology that will make construction processes more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly. We also provide design,

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