Satellite Which Absorbs UV Rays

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We all know about the ozone layer. We all are surviving on Earth because of the presence of the ozone layer.It absorbs harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. But nowadays we all know that the ozone layer is depleting and also we can find holes in it.The main reason for this is because of CFCs, methane ,aerosols, pollution, etc which results in global warming and depletion of the zone layer. If ozone depletes UV rays emitted by the sun will directly reach our earth. If UV rays reach our earth directly then the situation becomes worse. It will results in many health disorders like skin cancer,etc,..But we are addicted to using the things which release the above mentioned gases. We can't live without using the things because we are addicted to use them but at the same time if we continue to use them like that we can't survive as ozone will deplete.

So we have to meet our needs at the same time we have to think about our earth. So one of the way to decrease global warming and ozone depletion is planting trees. But as technology is developing we have to think in a technical way and in an advanced manner. So one of such a type is a satellite which absorbs UV rays emitted by the sun. If we place a satellite where the emission of CFCs, methane, pollution, etc. is more then somewhat we can decrease the ozone depletion. I think this is one of the ways to decrease ozone depletion. By creating satellites in this manner we can improve technology as well as protect our earth from ozone depletion, global warming and the effect of UV rays.

Significance: This type of satellite will be useful in our future .It absorbs UV rays. We have to invent in this type of satellite .Nowadays scientists have been working on inventing glass which absorbs UV rays. This idea will also help to decrease ozone depletion. It will be useful to our future generations.

Uses: The satellite which absorbs UV rays will help in protecting the future generations from the effect of UV rays emitted by the sun. It is an alternate, easy and technologically advanced thing to invent a satellite which absorbs UV rays emitted by the sun. We can use and develop our nation as well as we can protect our earth. Both industrialization and technology will develop.

Description: A satellite will be made and in it a device or a material which absorbs UV rays will be inserted in it. As usual satellite will be send to space and the purpose of it is not for communication but involves in UV absorption .There are many elements which absorbs UV rays. If we use them in an effective way to absorb UV rays then we can create a new era. But we should also take care about permanent change i.e., to invent things which affects earth in a limited manner. I hope this invention will help earth and future generations to reduce the effect of UV rays emitted by the sun. Thank you....


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