Air Taxi

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Concept for an Air Taxi

Basic Concept:

Small Aircraft VTOL, fully computer controlled, V-shape, no "wings".

Makes use of the CONADA Effect.

Electrically driven FANS. Electric, hybrid for now!

Concept A: underbody fans

Concept B: many small fans on the sides of the airframe

For both concepts: Forward - electric or jet
Air pressure system for Directional Control

Positions and size for Air Inlets for A and B fans are only indicated. Have to be positioned and sized during detail design for throughput air requirements.

Different "V" shaps have to be investigated to achieve the best compromise.

Movable flaps could be used at air discharges to use fans for forward flight.

Best for 3-seat or 4-seat Taxi. Larger models after initial tests of final designs.

Karl H. Smarsch


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    Karl Smarsch
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    Sr. Proj. Manager/Consultant
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    IMSI design software
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    Aircraft/ Flying / Technology in general
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    Always seeing opprtunities to design aircraft. Reducing wing span, but a large area for solar cells, Instead of huge wing spans and narrow wing with solar cells, as currently featured. Had the idea 30 years ago. Passenger carrying, and useful for missions on Mars, instead of mini-helicopters?
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