Back To The Future (of Aviation) Again

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Imagine a new airliner design that has slower, safer take off and approach speeds yet can fly at Mach .95 with little drag. Imagine an airliner that takes the engines away from the wings and places them out of the way of bird strikes at the tail of an advanced airfoil body. Imagine a plane that can carry twice the load yet get the same fuel economy as others with 1/2 this load. Now imagine your airfare actually going down.

Not possible? Actually, the design has been around since the early 60's jet age. Propeller designs go back even further. With today's improvements in engine design, materials and advanced airfoil design, this plane is entirely possible. It has even been compared to NASA's X-43 hypersonic designs.

Composites capable of holding pressure in any shape - PRSEUS - Proven structural integrity 2015.
Supercritical airfoil design, high speed, low drag, improved fuel economy - Proven mid-70's.
Lifting fuselage design, higher load capacity, stability and safety - Proven in flight testing 1920's thru' 1950's.

Composites -

Supercritical Airfoil Design -

Lifting Fuselage -

Advanced Design -

This aircraft will out perform all tube and wing designs and even rival and, in some cases, exceed the performance the BWB or HWB Hybrid Wing Body all for lesser cost in manufacturing and complexity. This is the future of large aircraft be it airliners, cargo planes, military transports, bombers or fuel tankers. Join me in promoting the greatest design in aviation history that promises savings in production, fuel costs and pollution as well as reduced air traffic and a marked increase in comfort and safety.

I'm workin' on it.



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    Creating new Burnelli Lifting Fuselage designs.
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    In 2006 I stumbled upon an airplane design that captivated my imagination. Called a Lifting Fuselage, it has all the advantages people have hoped for since the jet age began. This better, safer, cheaper to build, fly and maintain design inspired me to bring this design back into the light. See more at . This shows the only known RC of Vincent Burnelli's last design before his death in 1964, a giant, high speed airliner.
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