High Performance Security Fastener

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Stykfit7 is a security screw with a novel drive configuration of 7 lobes and a large center rejection pin. These two features make insertion and removal only possible with the matching keyed driver. it is patented. All other security screws are out of patent protection and have millions of driver bits in circulation, found commonly at retail. Stykfit7 is further novel in that the bit and driver grip each other positively. This allows the driver both hold the screw precisely and direct it towards its assembly point hands free. The bond is so strong it holds under rotation and can itself support a heavy assembly piece. This is because the tolerance between bit and screw is less that .0005", which to date has never been done before.

Manufacturing is presently done at the Bryce fastener cold heading plant, which is the least expensive way to manufacture fasteners or screwdrivers.

Applications extend across all industry sectors. Presently military has used it to secure warheads. It can also be used in jails, solar panels, retail kiosks, security fencing, nuclear power plants, and anything exposed to tampering and theft.



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    Bryce Campbell
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    modernizing and improving present fasteners. Providing security. Bringing fastener manufacturing back to America, where it was invented and perfected.
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