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Transportation barriers are often cited as barriers to healthcare access in defence. Transportation barrier leads to delayed care or missed medication at right time. It’s also time-consuming. Transportation management and maintenance consume a load of pounds. Such barriers in healthcare lead to the lack of appropriate medical treatment, chronic disease exacerbations or unmet healthcare needs which can accumulate and worsen health outcomes. We are going to use a simple medium scale aviary system for transporting the healthcare accessories in remote areas to the defence personnel. The design of the drone is on the principle of basic quadcopter enabling us to lift a payload similar to other transports but it will be time saving. The drone is eco-friendly as it will be governed by the power provided by solar energy. The refrigeration box (R-Box) will be used to carry injections, cartridges, and medicine which requires cold storage. The drone is un-hackable as we use our special anti-hacking algorithms and it can be accessed on internet and Android/iOS applications. Benefits of the technology are, Healthcare accessories will reach to the personnel by minimum time, The system will fully work on renewable energy such as solar energy, System costs low, resulting in high profits. The drone will be GPS enabled so that it will be tracked from the app.


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    Kanishk Dwivedi
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    Mitali Patle - analysis, testing, simulation.
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    I've got inspiration from seeing the soldiers dying due to lack of transportation in the remote region where no transportation could reach !
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    3D Builder.
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