Increase Resistance From Strong Earthquake for Multi Storied Building

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An earthquake is a big problem for multistoried buildings. Many multistoried building are being build un-scientifically, which create an earthquake prone area and for it earthquake is occurring at new area. Many technologies have been developed to save the multistoried building but no technology is able to save from long time’s strong earthquake. Here I give an idea to save multistoried building from earthquake. I think that this idea, alone or mixing with another idea/ technology, may make it be possible to save multistoried building permanently from earthquakes.

For present system, at first we dig square pit for making base. Some part of pillar also stay at inner position of pit. Size of pit is depended on height/number of floor, for more heights floor, the distance between two pits are very short. After making the base with pillar the pits are filled by soil, that is not tight like before. To become it at pre digging condition, many longtime is required. Except it, no pressure of soil will not create on every base from distance land, because every pit are separate from other land for digging. For it, when occur earthquake the soil of pit are further slack and the building can swing. After many time of earthquake, many buildings are leaning at one side and for it, the building are fall on ground or cracked .To protect the building from this problem at many sector pit are dig of more depth and the pit are build fully concretize. For it chance of leaning is less, but process is very costly. At my innovative system fully protect will be possible from earth quake but cost will be not very high.

To save any building from earthquake, I propose to use four nos. of 3-4 feet pin of concrete which to be enter in to underground of pit and of which 8 inch to 18 inch will stay in to base and one nos. of 6-8 feet concretize pin to be enter in to underground of soil of pit and of which 3-4 feet will stay in to pillar with base. The structure of pin to be made by iron rod and it will be concretize. It to be enter in to soil before concretize of base or pillar. The base and pillar to be concretized also with the concrete pin.

For entering the pins into soil with supporting base and pillar, these will stay no chance to swing during earthquake.


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