Torso in a Box

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The Torso in a Box replicates the anatomical variation in material properties of the intended target. Panels of material simulating skin, muscle, bone and the internal organs are layered in the appropriate order to create a model for testing the effectiveness of self defense ammunition on the intended target. All of the materials in the Torso in a Box are recyclable so once you perform your test and determine the wound cavity, you can drop the box in the recycle bin.

Unlike ballistics gel, the Torso in a Box is easy to use. Just set it down range and perform your testing. Nothing needs to be mixed or melted. More importantly unlike gel, the Torso in Box takes into account the changes in penetration and wound cavity when a projectile interacts with the different anatomically accurate materials of the skin, muscle, bone and internal organ simulants.


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    David Giurintano
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    Sen King, Joseph LeBlanc, Ryckman Callais, John Cancienne, Jeffrey Lousteau, Jay Tumlin, David Giurintano
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    My desire to solve problems related to self defense
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